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Calico Rose x American Idol kitten female

Thank you for your interest in Melodygarden American Shorthairs. The Johnson family has been operating the Melodygarden cattery since 1991. Our lines have produced over 30 champions and 15 grand champions. Please contact us to find the right kitten or cat for you and your family: e-mail us or call 805-375-4270.

Peaches Teaching Her Kitten How To Clean Up

We currently have a small selection of exquisite pedigreed retired show cats for sale. We breed only American Shorthairs, specializing in shaded silvers, cameos and smokes. We occasionally have classic silver tabbies.

Calico Rose x American Idol kitten male

The shaded colors are among the rarest color patterns for American Shorthairs today, though historically one of the oldest and most popular. Melodygarden is one of the few US catteries to specialize in this elusive color pattern! Melodygarden American Shorthairs are bred and raised to maximize the characteristics of the breed and to help ensure kittens will go into their new homes well socialized and healthy.

Cali cameo ticked tabby Purebred American Shorthair Kittens

Kittens generally spend the first 3 weeks upstairs in our kids' bedrooms where the neighborhood children visit and play with them regularly. While all kittens are individuals, this early interaction with people of all ages helps bring out the best in the American Shorthair disposition and starts them early on their jobs as companions. When children are involved, bold kittens may be key, while some retirees prefer a more introverted lapcat.

Spot kitten 10 weeks old Purebred American Shorthair Kittens   

Kittens mature at different rates.  Kittens generally go out to owners by 12 to 16 weeks, though some kittens can go at earlier ages. Kittens are veterinarian raised and vaccinations are started at 4 to 6 weeks. Melodygarden cattery is FeLV, FIV and ringworm-free. Our cats and kittens carry a 3-year guarantee against congenital defects and FIP.

Carol W. Johnson is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Pathology, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathology, and a board member of the National American Shorthair Club.

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